Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Chamber of Craftiness

My husband and I just moved out of a shoebox-sized (but to be fair to the New Yorkers out there, a big shoebox.  Like a winter boots shoebox.) apartment into our very first house (!!!), and I get a whole room dedicated to my never-ending compulsion to "make stuff."  Monday I had a vacation day, so I unpacked the room, although I use that term loosely because it was more like throwing things out of boxes onto the nearest horizontal surface.

Picture fun-time...

From the door. Don't be fooled, this room is not in some sort of celestial inter-dimension.

The hamper has just enjoyed a tasty meal of half-finished knitting projects. Also, spot the real plant!

The shadowy depths of another corner.

There's some knitting projects in the closet, but I really just wanted to show off my groovy shelf paper.

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